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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

But of course I can shoot


Right, so I was in Korea with my family over the cny's, happy mooncake to you, the reader, and happy me to me. I've uploaded these pics of facebook so if you didnt view them there, you can view them here.

But of course, you can always add me on facebook:!/youthink?/

So right, I love my pics. I'm using the above as my mac's wallpaper, and you should too, or don't. maybe you should. now pay me.
My pics are mostly scenic stuff, you don't need more pictures of people right? cauz people are evil, and mark eats people. Ben just loves apples. so the it's quite balanced. like nike. ahahha, I tell joke.

anyways, I thought that these pics could be printed out for use as postcards (I said 'cards' ben) or as emo stock pics thingy, I don't know, I'm just glad I took them. right now, on to korea...

Out of the six days I was there, it snowed twice, which was a wonderful experience. you step out of the hotel lobby, and suddenly this damp chill just clings to your jeans, drying up the heat throughout your body and when the wind blows, a pleasant burn develops on your hands. of course, your ears and toes will start to die, I wore Converses the whole time~~ no boots!! boots are for the army, and the army is still months away aww shucks.

Anyways, I enjoyed walking. just walking through the fashion street of Myeong dong and soaking up the atmosphere. the cold, the people, the culture. and just feeling small in the world. so pleasant.
This time, the trip was 'free and easy' not on a tour so... shrugs. we visited several tourist spots. revisted the folk village. it was pleasant. I think the draw of the trip this time was enjoying the weather pretty much.
Like my brother said, it's like 'going to china or some other place.' This time, everything seem like pretty much yet another asian country. I think the people make the culture, and that's why it was fascinating to just observe them.

This time round, I took lesser pics. I decided to make memories, not take them. y'know. shrugs.
Did I mention it was pretty awkward when every street turn there's a face shop or beauty/cosmetic place :D? so while the ladies in my family dart in for some look-see, I gotta shuffle outside trying to look cool in the snow. still fun.

There was a snowfight, I was too fat to run around, so I watched my siblings throw frozen water at each other, my brother laughed and ran into a tree. He fell sobbing and laughing facedown in the snow, the three of us laughed for a bit. I took a picture.

It was a nice experience, and now i'm home in the mutha-land, my nose bled thrice, maybe four times already (update: five). It's warm.
Everyone should go get themselves frozen once in their lives. It's a novel experience, a humbling simplicity we all should enjoy.


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

dont luff

the HQ version is clearer/duh. didnt win anything, but still a satisfying experience :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

I might just return

I just might. we'll see.
cheers all.

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Binary Gnarly

see this blogger.